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This may not be the best of time for the staff of Keystone Bank because of what they seem to be going through. As you read this, some of them are busy working on their plan B in case they are confronted with the unexpected.Going by the information supplied by an in-house source, we gathered that the bank is currently rapidly sacking staff in a coded manner.

Ibru Brothers Still Fighting Dirty …Over 40% Of Aero Contractors Shares


We’re pretty sure you have heard of the mean and grim quarrel going on amongst the top male kids of Olorogun Michael Ibru. The fight, which is amongst Olorogun Oskar Ibru, Oboden, Obaro and Peter Ibru, has thus far hindered the take off of Aero Contractors, which has met the Federal Government’s requirements for a national carrier airline. The young men, all multi millionaires, are in this dogged fight over whether the children of Michael Ibru’s late first wife, Elsie or the children of Cecilia end up controlling the disputed 40% shares of Aero.

Finally! OSHADIPE TWINS SPEAK ON PATERNITY OF TAIWO’S BABY + Their New Recording Deal With Wale Adenuga

oshadipe twins

Not too long ago, the dazzling twin sisters popularly known as the Oshadipe Twins were in the news over the true paternity of one of the twin sisters’ apparent love child. Months after this they disappeared from the entertainment scene. Recently, Bravo Weekly’s Titilope Joseph tracked down the sisters and they gave the reasons for their absence and why they needed to take the break. In this exclusive interview, they also speak on the identity of the man responsible for Taiwo’s child and why they have decided to keep it all personal. Enjoy.



Oraifite in Anambra State was agog with beauty and glamour, as Lagos Billoniare, Sir Emeka Ofor, Chairman of Chrome Group, went home to get married to his sweetheart, Adaora Ofondu as his third wife.

Powerful Nigerians Who Are Gay


It is said that no matter how free we would want our society to be, certain immoralities cannot be legalized in this part of the world. It is also no news that the Nigerian government has signed into law a 14 year jail term for culprits caught in same sex marriage or homosexual shenanigans in Nigeria. Senator Magnus Abe, who initially sponsored the bill in the National Assembly prescribed 14 years jail term for any one caught practicing this act.