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“The search for solution to a posed problem can only start with the realization of the presence of the problem and in that realization comes the spark that ignites and gravitates to its answers”
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Nigeria, the most populous black nation on the planet, is unique in every respect. Laced with effective individual resources and natural endowment, one can only speculate how come it is faced with the numerous challenges with almost no solution in sight.

2SHOTZ & Wife Met On Twitter! Explains How They Have Been Coping As A Couple


The couple in a new interview with punch revealed they met on twitter, and his wife confessed she never knew who he was until they started dating. Quite interesting. Their story;

How long have you been married?

2shotz: We have been married for a year. We got married April 12, 2013.

How did you meet?

I am not a rich man — Saka


Hafiz Oyetoro popularly known as Saka has seen more than two decades in the movie industry and thus, has become a reservoir of knowledge that can only be appreciated. He lost his father some months ago, sad, he said he was, but agreed he was truly happy that the man lived long enough (98) to see him turning out to the success story he has become.

Obesere Rape Scandal Update: I Don’t Regret Sleeping With Her, Infact I Enjoyed It


Women are suffering! Hmm, you all know a lady accused the fuji musician of rape few days ago and claimed he inserted a ring in her private part which made her bleed for days. Well obesere has revealed more interesting things in a new interview he had with a softsell magazine.

Friends Have Deserted Me! Even Bola Tinubu Is Not Comfortable Seeing Me Around Again


This is not a good time at all for Yoruba comic actor, Baba Suwe. Baba Suwe in a new interview with Encomium Magazine has confessed that he is broke and a lot of his friends and helpers have deserted him.